Modern Marketing Meets Real Estate (Finally)

Technology continues to take over the world, while the real estate community digs their heels in. Whether it be a combination of an aging realtor demographic, the common ‘resistance to change’, or a lack of innovation, the fact remains – when it comes to marketing real estate, not much has changed!

Then comes The Elle Group. With the help of one of our founders, and his agency, O’Kane Marketing, a custom built marketing strategy was born. Whether you have a one-bedroom condo, or a sixty-unit new development, we’ve got a plan for you!

Marketing That Is Truly Differentiated


I Am Looking To Sell...

We’ve tailor made our marketing packages to best suit the needs of our clients, based on the type of property we are selling. Click the category below that best describes your situation to see what our solution would entail. Please note that further customization is possible as needed.

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Marketing That Does More Than Sell

When we started to do some market research and speak with sellers in the Boston market and beyond, what we found was both disheartening and opportunistic at the same time. The majority of developers, and even homeowners saw Realtors as a commodity - all offering the...

Fast and Effective Deal Analysis

Whether it’s your first investment property or your fortieth, running the numbers on a deal is vital. Having a clear picture of those figures not only helps you make a strong offer with confidence (important in today’s market), but it can also provide you with a game...

It Starts With a Strong Foundation

Historically speaking, real estate teams and brokerages have seen the majority of their growth through the addition of more agents. This way of thinking has led to a singular focus of doubling down on recruitment and acquisition efforts.  The Elle Group has...